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We welcome our guests in the Name of our Risen Savior. We are glad to have you worship with us.
Pentecost 20
The Focus of Our Worship
The Christian Family

[Jesus] said to them, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."

Mark 10:14
October 11, 2015
First Lesson: Ge 2:18-24 Second Lesson: Heb 2:9-11
Psalm: 139b Gospel: Mk 10:2-16

Evangelism Thought for the Week:
So many families are in trouble or worse, yet what did Jesus say? "Bring the little children to me." And the Apostle Paul wrote, "Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ." The solutions to all problems, whether in the family or in life are all found in Jesus Christ. Share the one who heals the broken hearted so that others may be healed and find their joy in Jesus.

Thursday Morning Bible Class:
We continue to study important chapters in the Bible. This week we continue important chapters from Luke.

Sunday Morning Bible Class:
We continue our study of important chapters in the Bible. This morning we will be looking at the role God has given to government and to Christians dealing with governments that are often not friendly to Christians.

Special Voters' Meeting:
The Voters voted to repair the parking lot. As you hopefully noticed today. The parking lot was resealed and the cracks filled. The cost was almost $6,000.00. We give thanks for the offerings of the Lord's people who help us maintain the Lord's property through gifts designated for "property and repairs" and "special projects."

Statement on Mariage and Mariage Policies:
Due to the recent Supreme Court ruling on "gay marriage," which is not marriage at all, we are reviewing a recommended policy on marriage and marriage policies. This document titled, "Statement on Marriage and Marriage Policies for WELS Congregations" is on the counter in the hall and you can read it and look it over and talk about it. The Church Council has recommended to the Voters at our next Voters' meeting to adopt it. If you have any questions please ask Pastor.

Circuit News:
Last Tuesday evening, St. Paul's, Green Garden (Marquette) called Pastor Doletzky to serve them as their vacancy Pastor until they get a new Pastor. Pastor Schmitzer accepted the call from St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in Stoddard, WI. His farewell sermon will be on Sunday, October 18th. Pastor Doletzky will serve St. Paul's primarily on Tuesdays and when they have worship services. Their worship time has yet to be determined. There will be no change to Salem's worship or Bible Class schedule or any other activities for the most part. Pray the Lord of the Church directs all things for the good of all during this time of transition for St. Paul's, Green Garden. The Lord bless the Schmitzers as they go to serve our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin.

Circuit Reformation Rally:
This year's circuit Reformation Worship is on Sunday, October 25th at Grace Lutheran in Powers, MI at 4 p.m. Central Time. Pastor Robin Zeratsky from the tri-parish from Florence, Tipler, and Iron River, MI will be preaching. There is an area choir. If you would like to get the music and participate, contact Pastor. Also there will be a pot-luck supper after the service. You can either bring a dish to be served hot, or a salad or desert.

Sunday School Needs:
Our 7th and 8th grade Sunday School teacher just took a new job in Marquette, so we are now looking for someone who would be willing to teach 7th and 8th grade Sunday School. Please prayerfully consider this special privilege. Also if you are willing to serve as a substitute teacher please contact Bob Chaillier at 280-7415.

Salem Teens:
You and teen friends are invited to Pumpkin Carving/hotdogs/s'mores, etc. on: Sunday, October 18th, 12 - 3 p.m. Please meet in the Salem Fellowship Hall after second service

We will be carving/decorating pumpkins on Sunday, October 18th from 12-3 p.m. Come with your ideas, favorite knife, and items you want to use for decorating your pumpkin. Hot dogs, snacks, refreshments and pumpkins will be provided. Come and join us for a spooktacular time!

RSVP number of teens to Janice Gayan, 789-9096 or 280-0907 or by October 15th so we can purchase pumpkins for all participants.

WELS International 2016 Youth Rally:
The next WELS International Youth Rally will be held June 28-July 1, 2016, at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colo. Kris Snyder, rally coordinator, says, "The campus offers centralized accommodations for 2000 attendees to eat, sleep, worship, learn, and play within walking distance. The buildings have a variety of meeting space options for flexibility in our schedule, and there is quite a bit of open space outdoors for fun nightly gatherings. It is also near the Rocky Mountains, so we can offer some excursion adventures." More than 1,600 teens attended the 2014 youth rally in Tennessee. The three-day event featured, daily worship, two keynote speakers, and several optional workshops designed to instruct WELS teens about living in God's Word.

Watch for more information about next year's youth rally and

Quarterly Voters' Meeting:
The voters' meeting will be on Thursday, October 22nd at 6 p.m. Please note this date was changed from the original date due to Pastor having conference on the 27th.

Upcoming Fellowship:
The Women's Evening Service Group will be hosting the fellowship after second service on Sunday, October 18th.

Volunteers Needed:
Many cleaning and maintenance needs are done by volunteers here at Salem. We will be needing people to help in various ways in the coming year, Lord-willing. The volunteer sheets will be out next Sunday, October 18th. Please prayerfully consider how many things you can help with to take care of the Lord's property and give a good reflection to all that we care about our Lord, his people, and property. Thank you.

Audio Loop:
There is an audio loop installed with our new sound system. For all those who use hearing aids, please set them to the "T" setting for T-coil or telephone. This will help you focus on what is being said or read. If you don't have the T-coil setting, please speak to your Audiologist. All newer hearing aids have it, but some need a software upgrade.

Salem Worship Service Podcast:
Salem's worship service podcast can be found in the Apple ITunes Store by searching for "Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church" or on the Internet at or

Sunday Fellowship:
Thanks to all those who have served for the fellowship after the 10:30 services. There are several Sundays available for serving in the next couple of months. Please sign up on the sheet in the narthex if you would like to host on a Sunday. If you would prefer to donate money for items to be purchased, you may do so. Or if you would like to make some snacks but have someone serve them, you may do that also. Please contact Kathy Grill or Janice Gayan if you have any questions about serving.

Interested in Salem:
If you know someone that is interested in learning more about Salem, please give the contact information to our Evangelism Chairman, or Pastor Doletzky.

Flowers For Worship:
We all have the opportunity to supply a fresh bouquet of flowers for the altar during a worship service. Whether in celebration, memory, or just for the many blessings we have received, please sign up for a Sunday on the flower chart in the entry hall. The bouquets are $16.00 for one and $23.95 for two. Please make your check out to the Women's Evening Service Group and everything else will be taken care of for you. Please speak to Nancy Juhl or Mary Ann Thorsen if you have any questions.

Super One Receipts and Labels for Education:
We collect both Super One grocery receipts and Labels for Education (from soup cans, cereals, etc.). Money rebated from the Super One receipts is used to purchase kitchen supplies. The Labels for Education are sent to East Fork Lutheran School in Arizona. Containers for both of these on-going projects are located on the counter in the hallway. Please remember the receipts have to be from 2015. We cannot use receipts from 2014 anymore.