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Update for Salem July 17, 2020

Dear brothers and sisters in God’s Family at Salem,

I continue to pray you are all doing well.  Every day I pray the Lord keeps each and every one of you safe and healthy.  Please continue to pray for each other.

Last week if you watched the stream you may have noticed that it didn’t record correctly.  That was due to a problem that Spectrum had.  A cable had cracked and the service kept fading in and out.  According to Spectrum, the problem has been fixed.  The internet seems to be working much better this week.

I would like to let everyone know that we are now singing in worship.  Last week our new air sanitizing system was installed in the sanctuary as well as in our hallways.  This will make it so that 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and allergens will be taken out of the air.  While we still will want to keep about three feet from others, and be careful not to hug, kiss, cough or sneeze on others, this air system will provide a level of protection in the air that airborne germs will be eliminated within seconds of entering the air throughout our sanctuary and hallways.  We are thankful for this added layer of protection and pray it allows more people to gather without fear in the Lord’s house.  So I am hoping to see more of you in the safety of God’s house.  We will still stand for Holy Communion and spread apart.  We will still encourage people to keep three feet or more away, which is usually what makes people comfortable even without a virus.

This Sunday is also a special day for Holy Cross and St. Mark congregations.  Their new Pastor, Pastor Charlie Crass will be ordained and installed at 3 p.m. Central Time.  He and his wife Christa, who is also a WELS teacher, will begin serving God’s people in the Dagget, Stephenson, and Wallace areas of God’s kingdom.  We rejoice for Holy Cross and St. Mark and it will allow me once again to be your full-time Pastor after two years and two months of a vacancy.  (Not to mention, I will be glad to see my family more than a few hours each week).  May we continue to pray for all the other congregations in our synod who are vacant at this time.

MONDAY evening worship will continue until at least Labor Day, depending on worship attendance.

Lord-willing, I will be going with my family on a vacation to visit relatives.  We plan on leaving the 22nd and returning on the 5th of August.  Pastor Phil Paustian will be on call for an emergency.  His phone number is 428-2650.  Pastor Hannemann will be conducting worship services for two weeks.  We are thankful for his service.

–  Your shepherd, under the Good Shepherd,

Pastor Paul Doletzky



Pastor's Welcome

Pastor Doletzky welcomes you to come and hear and learn and grow. Do you have questions about God, life, eternity, what your purpose is, where is there strength and help for each day? Pastor Doletzky would be happy to meet with you and encourage you and equip you to face life with confidence and peace. You are always welcome to set up an appointment, join a Bible Class, attend a worship service, or just give him a phone call. His contact information is below. You are always welcome to grow here at Salem.

A Little Bit Of History on our Church

Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church was founded in 1889. We just celebrated our 125th anniversary in September of 2014. The congregation was first known as “German Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul’s Congregation.” The congregation was first formed by traveling missionaries gathering people to hear the Word of God and receive the Sacraments. These traveling missionaries were sent out by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Though it’s roots are from a German background that served primarily German speaking immigrants settling in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As English became the language of the nation and the area, English officially was adopted in 1922 in worship and instructions. The name of the congregation was changed also to its current name, Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church. Salem comes from the Hebrew word for peace.

For many years Salem was located at 502 S. 12th St. and the intersection of 4th Ave. South. They broke ground for a new facility at 615 S. 30th St. on September 9th, 1980. This is where we are currently located. Our current facility is much larger than the old facility and all areas of the building are handicap accessible.

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