Pastor: Paul Doletzky P: 1-906-786-0363

Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church was founded in 1889. We just celebrated our 125th anniversary in September of 2014. The congregation was first known as “German Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul’s Congregation.” The congregation was first formed by traveling missionaries gathering people to hear the Word of God and receive the Sacraments. These traveling missionaries were sent out by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Though it’s roots are from a German background that served primarily German speaking immigrants settling in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As English became the language of the nation and the area, English officially was adopted in 1922 in worship and instructions. The name of the congregation was changed also to its current name, Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church. Salem comes from the Hebrew word for peace.

For many years Salem was located at 502 S. 12th St. and the intersection of 4th Ave. South. They broke ground for a new facility at 615 S. 30th St. on September 9th, 1980. This is where we are currently located. Our current facility is much larger than the old facility and all areas of the building are handicap accessible.

We have continued to maintain and update the property. Recently we have installed a modern sound system that includes an audio loop for the hard of hearing. We have new handicap accessible doors with an automatic door opener for those who need it.

The members of Salem belong to a very special family, the family of God. Each member is blessed with a different personality, different gifts and abilities, yet they all struggle with life in a sinful world. Some struggles may be similar to yours, some very different. But what is special no matter the struggle, there is a joy in this family that can only be found through Jesus. We are a family joined by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ blood on the cross purchased each of us to be children of the Heavenly Father and brothers and sisters in Jesus’ family, the family of God.

You are welcome to join our family and grow in your love and knowledge of God. Salem is a place to grow in faith, in love, in service to our Savior! The blessings the Lord gives are for time and eternity.