Pastor: Paul Doletzky P: 1-906-786-0363


WE WELCOME OUR GUESTS and ask them to please sign our guest register. We are glad to have you worship with us today. There are welcome sheets in the pews next to the hymnals. If you are interested in finding out more information, or would like to be contacted by the Pastor, please fill out a sheet and place it in the offering plate or hand it to an usher. If you have any questions please ask any member or Pastor Doletzky.

THOSE TO KEEP IN OUR PRAYERS: Trudy Flath, Bill Herbst Sr., Mike & Linda Buchanan, Steve Porath, Loretta Pepin, Lisa Nord, and Lee & Yvonne McCarthy. We pray for all of our shut-ins. We pray for our Synod and our missionaries. We pray for our troops, our leaders in the congregation, and in our city, state and nation. We pray for our straying members and those who don’t know Jesus.

EVANGELISM THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Today we heard, 10The LORD came and stood there and called as he had the other times, “Samuel! Samuel!”

Then Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant is listening.” (1 Samuel 3:10) God grant us willing hearts to hear the Word of God. Then hearing the truth of God’s Word, may we share it with those in our lives.

BIBLE CLASS: As we continue our study of Heaven and Hell, we look that those are the only two destinations. We will discuss purgatory, limbo, and end of life decisions and medical care.

THE JANUARY CALENDAR: is available. Please pick up your copy!

THE JANUARY FORWARD IN CHRIST: Has arrived. Please pick up a copy and share with those who could use the encouragement.

CAMP BIRD: For any families that are considering having their children attend Camp Bird this upcoming summer, there is a registration update available on the cabinet in the hallway with information on where things currently stand.

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: Thank you to all who helped take the Christmas decorations down. It is greatly appreciated. We thank the Lord that we have been blessed with such a beautiful place to worship Him and to join together in serving Him.

ANNUAL VOTERS’ MEETING: Our annual January Voters’ Meeting is set for Tuesday, January 19th at 6 p.m. We will have elections for Councilmen for those whose terms have expired. We will set a budget for 2021 and go over reports of the past year.

TEEN GROUP GET TOGETHER: All teens from grade 6 and up are welcome and encouraged to come for pizza, games and prizes on January 24th from 4:00 – 6:30pm. There will also be a meeting during to discuss future plans and outings for the group. Please RSVP by Wednesday, January 20th to Theresa Shepard by text or call 906-553-2586 or email . We hope to see you there!

OFFERINGS: The offering plates will not be passed for the foreseeable future. Please place your offering in the offering plates at the back of church near the doors.

CAMM PILL BOTTLE COLLECTION: We are currently collecting pill bottles for CAMM. As soon as we collect an appropriate amount, we will be sending to the missions in Malawi and Zambia. CAMM uses these pill bottles to send creams, ointments or syrups home with their patients. Pill Bottle Sizes are 3” x 1”, 3” x 1 1/4”, 3” x 1 1/2” or 3 3/4” x 1 1/2”. Please remove any labels from the bottles. You will find a container to put your empty pill bottles near the CAMM display found on the hallway cabinet. Please continue to pray for CAMM and the people we serve in Malawi and Zambia. Any questions about CAMM can be directed to Kathy Grill.

CENTRAL AFRICA MEDICAL MISSION (CAMM) JANUARY UPDATE LETTER: A copy of the January CAMM Monthly Letter can be found on the hallway cabinet by the Christian greeting cards. The January letter is written by CAMM Stateside Committee Chair, Shelly Sievert. It provides a great oversight on the year CAMM has experienced during 2020 and how our faithful God continued to bless the mission work he gives us the privilege to do for Him in both Malawi and Zambia. Prior CAMM Monthly Letters can be found in the orange binder that is also located by the Christian greeting cards. Please continue to pray for CAMM and the people we serve in Malawi and Zambia. Any questions about CAMM can be directed to Kathy Grill, CAMM Contact Woman for the WELS Lake Superior Circuit.

IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE that is interested in learning more about Salem, please give contact information to Pastor Doletzky.

PRECAUTIONS DURING COVID: We are thankful for the air sanitizing system we have in our sanctuary, hallways, and bathrooms. This system kills airborne bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew. We encourage everyone to keep their social distance while walking through the hallway and when speaking with others. Please wash your hands regularly. There is hand sanitizer in the hallway along with face masks and face shields for all who would like added protection. Especially during this time of COVID, if you have any type of sickness or not feeling well, (cold, flu, etc.) please don’t come. This is out of concern for all. This does not apply to allergies. We pray the Lord keep you safe and if you have any questions, please ask Pastor.

AUDIO LOOP: There is an audio loop installed. For all those who use hearing aids, please set them to the “T” setting for T-coil or telephone.

PODCAST: Salem’s worship service podcast can be found in the Apple ITunes Store by searching for “Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church” or on the Internet at or…/salem…/id918960511.

BULLETINS from the previous two Sundays are available in the pamphlet holder on the table in the entryway.

Next Sunday, January 24th – 3rd Sunday after The Epiphany, (Green) Service of The Word – Hymns 453-85-333 Psalm 62


Today – (8:00) Dewey Klein, Marvin Krause

(10:30) Titus Doletzky, Todd Chouinard, Glen Meunier,

Brian Thorsen

Next Sunday, Jan 24th – (8:00) Gary Carlson, Corey Engebretson

(10:30) Mark Kuehn, Luke Gilner, Dave Johnson, Zach Nord


(January 17th– January 30th)

Vacuuming – Adam Hinch

Sweeping – Ken & Teresa Evans

Dusting – OPEN

Restrooms – Coni Bruce

Communion Ware Clean-up (January) – Teresa Evans


This week (Jan 17th – Jan 23rd) Steve Cadeau

Next week (Jan 24th – Jan 30th) Ken Evans


This week (Jan 17th) Brian Thorsen (Melissa Cadeau)

Next week (Jan 24th) Steve Cadeau (Kaylee Cadeau)

THIS WEEK AT SALEM (January 17th – January 24th)

Today 8:00 am Worship

9:15 am Bible Class

9:15 am Sunday School

10:30 am Worship

Mon 9:00 am Pastor’s Circuit Meeting 9am-4pm


Wed 4:30 pm Catechism Class

Sunday, January 24th

8:00 am Worship

9:15 am Bible Class

9:15 am Sunday School

10:30 am Worship

4:00 pm Teen Get Together 4pm-6:30pm